Corporate Responsibility – Togetherness

We have a long-standing commitment to respect human rights, and this has been at the core of our sustainability work since we started. We embrace the responsibility of and think through our business decisions to determine what is best for everyone involved, not just ourselves.

We have partnered with the Cloud Catcher is Asia’s one-stop centre for specialty coffee and certified Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Campus based in Malaysia for the CHAPOLA PROJECT.


Witnessed by the lush, rolling terrains of coffee plantations, the society created bonds with the unsung heroes in the coffee world. Chapola (sprouted coffee seedling), was created during an origin trip to Honduras. It’s a project founded by 4 Roasters (The Maling Room, Cloud Catcher, Tim Adams and Dramanti Artisan Roaster) who works with producer to improve the quality of life, as well as refine and build their production infrastructure. Dealing direct with farmers means our premium prices are received by the people who deserve it most.

Our Commitment

Every 1KG of Green Bean sold MYR$1.00 will be donated to Chapola Project
Every 1KG Roasted Coffee Bean Sold MYR$1.00 will be donated to Chapola Project