Coffee Machine


In order to enjoy a great cup of coffee,

solely having the best quality coffee bean is not sufficient as a right coffee machine is also very important to brew the right cup. It is best when both coffee bean and machine is being supplied by the same company as it is the same machine that brew the right cup of coffee while the research and development was being done and same thing apply to Malaysia itself too. Hence, Poseidon Coffee is not just a coffee bean supplier in Malaysia, it is also a coffee machine supplier in Malaysia here itself too.

Now it is best to know more about the coffee machine that Poseidon Coffee supplies here in Malaysia.

There are typically three types of coffee machines that are being supplied in Malaysia here itself by Poseidon, there’s Koyo Coffee Machine C19BART (Touch Screen), Koyo Coffee Machine C19BARP (Press Button) and Milo and Coffee Maker – KOYO CA4CH. Now all of these models are known as the automatic coffee machines which are design for its elegant and functional features as with just one touch, the machine will deliver and supply a great cup of coffee regardless being espresso, cappuccino, latte or any other coffee you can find here in Malaysia itself and it’s being brewed within seconds.

The main and basic difference of a coffee machine is of whether it’s a press button type of a touch screen one that you can seen being supplied around Malaysia. A normal fully automatic coffee machine with these press button features will grind coffee beans, froth the milk and dispense supply of espresso shot to either single or double shots that you can find within Malaysia. However, with an added touch screen feature, it allows user to customise their coffee experience by controlling the caffeine strength, the bean grind texture, temperature of the water and also the volume of the coffee hence supplying user with the right cup of coffee based on each and every one’s preference with these coffee machine you can find from Poseidon Coffee in Malaysia.

Importance of Being Supplied with The Right Coffee Machine in Malaysia

After understanding the main difference between a press button and touch screen fully automatic coffee machine supply by Poseidon Coffee Malaysia, it is important to understand why is a coffee machine so important to brew and supply the best coffee experience to Malaysians. What actually defines a good coffee machine is based on its durability, taste and flexibility where it will be able to supply a great cup of coffee to Malaysian’s coffee lovers. A manual and automatic coffee maker can break or rust but a good model of an automatic coffee machine will supply long lasting durability without needing to be replaced hence can be found from Poseidon Coffee Malaysia. In term of the taste, coffee machines allow users to control the water temperature so a burnt taste due to the heat degraded the taste of the coffee makers and with Poseidon Coffee here in Malaysia, it helps to avoid such problem since Poseidon supply the best coffee machines in town. Aside that, Poseidon’s coffee machine supplies Malaysian’s users with the flexibility in choosing different type of coffee produced ranging from a single shot espresso to flat white.

A supply on coffee machine helps user to save time especially us Malaysians in getting the right cup of coffee as an automatic coffee machine requires just one press on the button rather than in the manual way whereby preparation has to be made and the necessity to ensure the water temperature is at the right one between 91°C to 96°C.

Aside from the speed, Malaysia Poseidon’s coffee machine supply with a minimal level of noise as the machine itself comes with a built-in coffee bean grinder hence there will surely be grinding sound while the perfect cup of coffee was being made.

With the modernity of the 21st century, Malaysians prefer user-friendly and convenience products and these attributes fully fit the coffee machine supply by Poseidon Coffee whereby to obtain a great and perfect cup of coffee, with just a few simple buttons it can be achieved. However, what everyone including Malaysians is more concern on when purchasing a coffee machine, will be the maintenance of the machine itself as it is tend to be known as the most troublesome part where everyone is reluctant to get it done regardless of how great the machine supplies great coffee. Hence, need not worry about these as the coffee machines supplied by Poseidon Malaysia ensure your problem is solved.


It is important to understand that a cup of coffee come from a good coffee and a good coffee machine. Poseidon coffee offers one of the best quality coffee bean in Malaysia. Our manufacturing process is well guided and powered by advance technology to abstract the best favour from each coffee bean.