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Poseidon Coffee manufacture and process premium quality green coffee beans and roasted coffee

to coffee lovers, traders, coffee distributors, hospitality industry, F&B industry with a passion for high standard coffee in Malaysia.

Coffee that manufactured by us is mainly using Arabica and Robusta beans in order to manufacture the coffee that is in premium quality, strict quality control, perfectly roasted and choose to delights your life.

Why to Choose Coffee Bean That Manufacture by Poseidon

The reasons that most of our clients choose us as their trusted manufactured partner in Malaysia is because of the superior quality of coffee that we manufactured. We manufacture World Class Coffee by using best Arabica and Robusta beans with a very strict monitoring process to ensure that the coffee bean that is manufactured by Poseidon is high quality. Our professional roasters can assist to match precise flavor profiles in order to deliver high quality coffee to all of you in Malaysia. We could manufacture customise coffee flavour and also provide unique and delicious coffee to all coffee lovers in Malaysia.

Moreover, Poseidon Coffee granted the certification of organic coffee manufacturer in Malaysia which provides more confidence to you to select us as your coffee bean manufacturer. As the Organic Certified manufacturer, we ensure that there are only organic fertilizers have been used in growing or production because organic coffee beans are rich in healthful antioxidants and hence coffee lovers can be more healthy while taking coffee that manufactured by us.

Poseidon Coffee is a manufacturer that accept low minimum quantity of production especially for SMEs or sole proprietor that wish to start a small coffee business in Malaysia. Our low minimums mean that everyone that would get started in the coffee industry would be able to purchase coffee that manufacture by us with low quantity as we hope that we could help you get started by serving great coffee at an affordable price and this mean you would able to offer great prices to your customers too. When your business grows, we are capable to grow with you, so you never have to worry and change another coffee bean manufacturer in Malaysia no matter how big your business becomes.

As a Malaysia’s coffee bean manufacturer, we understand how essential fast turns are in keeping our customers happy. We prioritise to provide premium products faster than the other company to keep your store fully stocked and your cafe pouring cup after cup. When we receive your order, our team begins the manufacturer’s work to fill that orders as quick as possible without sacrificing quality. As a manufacturer of coffee beans, we have the advantage of large capacity and hence we can fill both large and small orders fast.

Other than that, our outstanding customer service definitely is the point that for all of you to choose us as your Malaysia’s coffee bean manufacturer as we treat every providers and growing online entrepreneurs with the same personal care and attention. We focus on our customer service in every step of the process to ensure the highest quality of coffee that we manufactured and will keep working to manufacture and modify the recipe until you are completely satisfied with the flavor of your coffee. We provide the machines and coffee beans to assist you to kick start in the coffee industry no matter how big or small your business is. As a coffee bean manufacturer, we have enough knowledge and experience to help you figure out your volume and packaging needs as well as the right roast for your business.


With our premium coffee beans, you will definitely need a good coffee machine to create the perfect cup of coffee. As a coffee bean machine supplier in Malaysia, we supply Business owner for restaurant, Cafe, Hotel, Internet Cafe, Convenient Store, Bread Store, Shared Offices and others in Malaysia.

As a reliable coffee bean machine supplier in Malaysia, we always provide free trial before purchase to ensure you can bring the most suitable coffee machine to back to home, office or for your business. Furthermore, we also provide full support such as free installation and maintenance, free 1-to-1 exchange and lifetime warranty. This is why you should choose us as your preferred coffee bean machine supplier.

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