Specialty Coffee For Coffee Lover

Our love for doing what we do has come from helping people to serve delicious coffee and to realise their dreams of starting their own business and opening up a coffee shop. Our mission is to improve the quality of coffee being served and to make speciality coffee available to anyone who enjoys a delicious cup of coffee.

We do this by sourcing the finest coffee beans that we can find from all over the world, teach people with passion during fun barista courses and then supply only coffee that has come fresh out of the roaster.

Our coffee roaster is on every day and we roast coffee throughout the week. Done by hand and done by using the latest technology using the finest green beans.

We are passionate about roasting speciality high quality coffee beans and enjoy sourcing delicious coffees. Since 2008, we have been supplying coffee people who look for outstanding quality at a competitive price. We work hard to source the finest coffee beans and then develop and roast these coffees for the EU & Asia market with care and love. We are not coffee snobs and feel that coffee is for everyone. Our customer range is very interesting, ranging from mobile coffee vans to slightly larger coffee shop chains.

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Our Duty

Poseidon Coffee pursues the best of high-quality coffee bean supplies and made with highly selected mixtures only in Malaysia.

To find the best beans to our Malaysians’ coffee lovers, our buyers evaluate the coffee bean size and colour, as well as uniformity. Once the coffee beans pass these tests but prior to purchasing, our testers sample or “cup” the coffees then only supply them to Malaysia and other countries. This ensures they select only the best organic coffee beans in the world including Malaysia which will produce truly remarkable flavours once the roasted coffee beans are supplied, brewed and served. 70% of the world’s coffee production is Arabica coffee beans and we offer many varieties to choose from the supplies available in Malaysia.

To continue the source of innovation and inspiration, we also focus on new technologies to supply coffee beans to the entire world with the unique and incomparable Poseidon Coffee which can be obtain from the USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our Philosophy

Poseidon Coffee brand was born by will of family for generations in the coffee industry due the uniqueness and best quality coffee beans supplying to most of the country including Malaysia itself. We are therefore not a company like any other; we have grown over the years with dedication, love and passion for coffee starting from supplying the top quality coffee bean you can ever find in the world where our Malaysian’s coffee lover and hopper will definitely fall in love with – to prove this right just try them out!

To ensure the love flavour comes through in every cup, we’ve run businesses which started from supplying coffee bean, sources, wholesale to serving the top quality aromatic fresh coffee in Malaysia.

Like fine wine grapes in Malaysia, coffee comes in many varietals – each with its own characteristics that are enhanced by correcting the roasting process of the coffee beans that are being supplied. Poseidon Coffee was backed by a dedicated team of roasters and packers of coffee beans supplies who prided themselves on first-rate customer service in Malaysia. This combination of top-notch product – the Poseidon Coffee’s coffee bean – and outstanding service continues to be the hallmark of the Poseidon Company aka Malaysia number #1 coffee bean supplier.

Clients Who Choose Us As Coffee Bean Supplier

And thanks to them, we are able to supply our clients with the best quality coffee beans they can every find in Malaysia. Speaking of our clients, you can witness these top-notch aromatic coffee from any Marrybrown, Mighty Monsters, Pin Tea, Shogun, Wincaa Bubble Tea, Black Canyon, BlackBall, Family Mart, Palace of the Golden Horse, Gong Cha, Holiday Inns, Ippudo Malaysia, Johnny’s Restaurant and Kung Fu Panda Village outlets that you can find around Malaysia who are getting their coffee beans supplied by us.

Hence when it comes to the best coffee beans supplier in Malaysia, if it’s not Poseidon Coffee then who else could it be.

Our satisfied client