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We Are Coffee Bean Supplier In Malaysia -Poseidon Coffee-

Being one of the biggest coffee bean suppliers in Malaysia, Poseidon Coffee not only promises you an unforgettable coffee aroma but will also curse you with a new addiction in your life – do not worry, it is a healthy addiction! Poseidon Coffee only supplies you with the freshest coffee bean that you can ever obtain in Malaysia. The supplies of coffee beans not only were handpicked but was as well tested by us to ensure that the selected ones are the best out of the best organic coffee beans in Malaysia. Nonetheless, Poseidon Coffee will be supplying a remarkable and unforgettable aroma and flavour of roasted coffee beans in Malaysia.

It is very important to know how a cup of coffee is made from scratch in order to be able to supply the best coffee in the world starting from Malaysia itself as it is without doubt one of the countries that is famous for its richness of taste when it comes to food, drinks and coffee of course. Coffee bean itself started from the planting process, whereby it will need a large wet season place to begin with in order to ensure the soil is moist enough hence will only be able to supply the best to Malaysia’s coffee lovers. What makes Poseidon Coffee’s coffee bean stand out is the harvesting process whereby they are mostly handpicked either by strip or selectively picked to supply cherries which are at the best state of its ripeness before the best coffee beans are being supply to Malaysia.

Our Vision

Great Coffee Delights Great Life 好咖啡好生活

We are devoted to maintain the freshness that guarantees you will get a delicious cup of coffee every time. Only the finest, most exciting coffees from around the world will suit our taste. For those dedicated coffee lovers around the world who want the freshest, most aromatic and best tasting coffee on the planet, Poseidon Coffee’s delivers!

Why To Choose Poseidon Coffee As Your Coffee Bean Supplier?

To ensure the supplies are being kept at top quality, the coffee bean’s cherries will then be processed either by dry or wet method where either way must be done as quickly as possible so that the premium taste of the coffee bean will be locked onto itself before turning into Malaysia’s all-time favourite coffee. Before supplying them to Malaysia, hulling, polishing, and grading and sorting of coffee beans will be done and then finally these beans which is now called as green coffee will be stored in jute or sisal bags ready to be exported – finally these beans are coming to Malaysia now! But of course, before they are ready to be made into coffee to supply us with the best and unforgettable memories of aroma and taste, the green coffee beans will first be needed to be tested first upon arriving to Malaysia.

Once obtaining the green light, the green coffee beans will now be supplied to be roasted into rich aromatic brown coffee bean by our Malaysia’s stores aka the purchaser. Before these coffee beans turn into a cup of coffee, they will need to be grinded depending on the brewing method to identify its fineness which will then define the length of time it needs to be in contacted with water supplying the exact aromatic coffee experience to Malaysia’s coffee lovers. From planting to brewing, Poseidon Coffee ensure their coffee beans excel every single step mentioned promising the best supplies of coffee to Malaysia.

Poseidon Coffee not only promises you with the best supplies of coffee bean in Malaysia, but we also promise to give back what we gained to the society. One of the biggest CSR projects that Poseidon Coffee participates, the Chapola Project whereby it is by the concept of giving back to the farmers who are the main suppliers of the premium quality coffee bean that we Malaysians are able to experience – kudos to them!

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Natural Flow

3 main types of coffee beans – Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica, comprising approximately 60%, 40% and 1% of world production respectively. Plantations are primarily around the world between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn which provide the required combination of soil, altitude and climate for coffee growing.


We are tracking the journey of fair trade coffee from bean to cup.

Excellent Roasted

Perfect roasting brings out the aroma and flavor that is locked inside the green coffee beans. Beans are stored green, a state in which they can be kept without loss of quality or taste. Roast degree & time are one of the important factor to make the different tasting coffee bean.

Unrivaled Quality

Combined with nature’s finest coffee beans, are the ingredients for our unrivalled flavours.

100% Pure Coffee

Studies have shown that appropriate coffee consumption can reduced risk for depression, as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.


Coffee beans come from coffee cherries, the fruits of the coffee trees which are bright red when ripe.
Arabica and Robusta cherries are smaller, more uniformly sized, and have only one bean per cherry. Liberica cherries on the other hand, are the largest amongst the coffee varieties with harder skins, can vary in size, and have one to three beans.

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